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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Month of Rest

    Oh January! Why do we expect so much from you.  I keep hearing how by January 15th most people have already given up on their new year’s resolution. Why does this surprise us? January is not meant to be this great motivating season of change and challenges. Cold grey winter has just barely begun.  We just came out of the season of celebration with decorations, festive and fatty foods and lots of quality time with those we love. Shouldn’t we let things wind down and recover a bit.
    I don't know about you but for me January has been a month of rest and recuperation.  And if I try to barge in high hopes and good intentions a blazing something is always there to slow me down and force me to rest.  This year it was the flu.  Last year seasonal depression.  Seriously, stop fighting it and let go of January. Take long lazy naps by the fire.  It’s way too cold to go out and get all sweaty at the gym.  Don't immediately start purging all the nic nacs you been collecting from every dearly departed relative.  Count as step one that you simply got the Christmas decorations put away. You just spent two full months eating every carb in sight.  Let your body get back to normal at least before you go completely paleo.  Your whole new improved life can wait one more month while you bask in the glow of all of last year’s blessings.  
    This year I used this first month for prepping and planning.  I found making vision board to be a fun and inspiring way to prepare for better days ahead.  I know a lot of people who simply choose a word.  I guess if I were to do that my word this year would be FOCUS.  That is why I loved the vision board project. Every morning and evening I focus on what it is a want to achieve with my life. This is not some mystical law of attraction or manifestation. It is simply about focus. Where is your focus? There are so many distractions in our world today. We need constant reminders of where we want our life to go. If our focus is always on our goals we are not going to waste time on Netflix binging, or Facebook click bait. Instead, during my month or prep and rest I watched YouTube videos that pushed me toward my goal, that taught me new techniques, or that otherwise inspired me. I searched for and followed people who inspired me looking for mentor to model my behaviors after. Yes, this is something I could even do when I was down and out with the flu. So much more uplifting than focusing on how miserable I was and cursing every obstacle that was keeping me from me new year’s resolutions.
    Remember that you have the whole year to make the change you want to see. When you cut yourself some slack you are less likely to quit out of frustration. Achieving your goals should be exciting not humiliating. Every day is a new day to give it all you have and put the yesterday behind you. So claim January as your month of rest and let's start new and fresh this first day of February. 

What is your word of the year or resolution? how have you been doing so far? If you are interested in in the 5 year dream board I did above or vision boards in general, check out these resources that inspired me. 

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"Focus on what is true & honorable , right &pure , lovely & admirable.  Think about things that are excellent & praise worthy. Keep putting into practice all you have learned."
Philippians 4:8-9a
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    Oh January! Why do we expect so much from you.  I keep hearing how by January 15 th most people have already given up on their new ...