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Please, visit my Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/EarthshaperArts to browse my art or order a custom painting on wood, watercolor paper & canvas. This site contains affiliate links. See the declaimers at the bottom for more info.

About the Artist

Hi there. Welcome to EarthShaper Arts & Homestead

 Earthshaper Arts and Homestead I’m Amber Nicole- artist, nurse, and budding homesteader with my hubby Steven and my two fun, sweet teens. I am so excited for you to join me on this journey of living a meaningful, beautiful, and more natural life. I have thought of a hundred ways to introduce myself but they all felt so forced.  You will learn more about me by reading my blog posts.  I am really here for you. By making myself vulnerable and available I hope to give others the courage to live non-conventional, creative and mindful lives. My life is messy, chaotic and far from my ideal. It's anything but perfect and I won't pretend it is here. But it is in acknowledging our imperfections that we become authentic and better ourselves. It's where we learn to lean on each other and build trust. My hope is to build a community founded on a quest for a creative, connected, and natural lifestyle full of grace and encouragement. This isn't the usual rule heavy, extreme health plan. This is about discovering your whole self and celebrating it, while also improving your little piece of Earth in the process. It's about the journey & the fellow travelers you pass along the way. 

But if you want to know more about me, 

here is a little list of the fun stuff...  

I was an air force brat but as a kid I always imagined myself a gypsy for moving so much.

My grandma was of Bohemian ancestry, a master gardener, and my inspiration to this day.
My mother raised me to be an entrepreneur starting and running multiple successful business that she ran on her terms to suit her family's needs.
I now have lived in southern Indiana more than half my life. So I official consider myself a Hoosier.

I went to Indiana University for Fine Art & Art Education.

I was a work at home mom and photographer for 8 years before I gave up my art to answer the calling of becoming a nurse only to find out I could do both. YAY!

I went into nursing after a existential crisis, heart broken at the pain and strife in the world. I felt the deep need to act and help ease the pain.

Before nursing my family did not have insurance so we treated all our ails with herbs and     homeopathy.

We are now building our apothecary grown from our own garden or collected around our state.

One of my life goals is to go on more mission trips. My favorite was my trip to Cambodia. Our most recent one is to the White Mountain Apache Reservation.

I am still an artist working mainly in paint but I love all things creative. I will paint just about anything.

My kids are both little (or not so little teen) artists too. I really want to help them get a head start and may be opening an Etsy Shop for them too soon.

I love to pull weeds. Ok that is a bit of an exaggeration. It's more of an addiction. I even do it in public flower beds. At least until the temps get above 90!

I am a procrastinator extraordinaire (working on that. ha)

My husband works at an Organic grocery and teaches organic gardening classes locally.Check him out at Sustainable in Suburbia.

He is also the chef of the family. I just make ingredient requests and fancy it up when he is done.

I am in the early confusing stages of RA.
I sing on the praise team at my church.
I believe in happiness in the chaos not perfection for presentation's sake.


 facebook.com/earthshaperart  etsy.com/shop/EarthshaperArts  instagram.com/earthshaper pinterest.com/EarthshaperArtsAndHomestead

Email me to discuss commissioned works of art for the home or business at


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